Tuesday, 6 January 2015

Children's Dentistry Oakland CA

We Love Kids, and They Love Us!Kids Dentist Oakland CA
We put children of all ages at ease so they enjoy their visits. We have the latest advancements in dentistry that are delivered with thoughtfulness and compassion. We teach our young patients proper dental care so they have healthy teeth for a lifetime. We enjoy their first visit at eight years old and take pleasure in watching them grow and change each year.

Preventing Dental Fears
We want your children to be relaxed and grow up without any anxiety about dental treatments. Our many parents have told us that we are accomplishing this! No matter what fear your children may have, we can help to make their visit a positive experience.

Lim and Yabu 
Geraldine Lim, DDS & Eric Yabu, DDS  
4174 Park Boulevard, Suite A 
Oakland, CA 94602 
(510) 530-7000 

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