Friday, 19 December 2014

Sedation Dentistry

Sedation Dentistry Oakland CAThe Complete Range of Sedation Dentistry Options
We are a compassionate dental practice, and we understand that treatments create much anxiety for some patients. We can help you to relieve your fears and make visits to the dentists easy with conscious sedation dentistry.

We are one of the few offices in the state that has the training and qualifications to utilize both oral and IV sedation for our patients. Sometimes only lighter sedation is needed, so we use nitrous oxide or laughing gas.

With oral conscious sedation, you take a pill one hour before your treatment time. Before treatment begins, you will gradually reach a very calm state but still be conscious to respond to questions from the doctor. Your vital signs are monitored while the work is being performed. After your procedure is completed, you will have someone drive you home. In only an hour, you are back to normal.

Dental Sedation Oakland CAWith IV sedation, you have the highest level of sedation in the shortest amount of time to take effect. The advantage over taking a pill is that the sedation level can be completely controlled, as the medication is given directly into the bloodstream. This approach is very safe and accurate. You will not remember the procedure and time goes by quickly – an hour in the chair will seem like two minutes. IV sedation can be used for longer appointments for more extensive work, as well as relieving the anxieties of fearful patients.

Some patients have even greater fear of being “put under.” You are not completely “knocked out” as for surgery. The sedation level is enough to forget the procedure but still have control of your perception of what is happening around you. It releases any stress and lets you feel comfortable while the work is being performed.

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